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A Simple Guide to Making Vinyl Stickers Last Long

Vinyl stickers life span
The 4 ways to protect vinyl stickers and give a longer lifespan than average.

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The Lifespan of Vinyl Stickers ?

The investment you make for stickers is worth every penny if you can keep the quality of the stickers for a long time. 

Generally speaking, vinyl stickers last very long compared to most of the other sticker types. Simply because of the vinyl layer that protects the stick from any hazards. 

If you use high quality materials, vinyl stickers can last up to 5 years.

Above all, it is about protecting your vinyl stickers so you can get the best out of your investment.

Here are 4 ways to protect vinyl stickers and give a longer lifespan than average.


4 Ways to Make Vinyl Stickers Last Long?

Make The First Time Perfect 

You can ensure the longevity of vinyl stickers when you first apply them. 

Make sure the surface is clean and free from dust or other substances.This will give you a perfect adhesion without those ugly air bubbles or dust particles. Also make sure the surface is flat and do not have any room to get dust particles inside the adhesive of the stickers. 


Minimize The Exposure To Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals can seriously affect the quality and longevity of vinyl stickers. So make sure you minimize the exposure of chemicals to vinyl stickers. These chemicals include but are not limited to window cleaning liquids, vehicle cleaning liquids, etc. So when you are cleaning the vinyl stickers with any chemicals make sure not to use them directly at least use them in diluted form. The best way is to use water.


Avoid Damage and Do not Peel Back

One of the common factors that cut down the longevity of stickers is physical damages.

Vinyl stickers are strong enough to endure some bumps and other environmental hazards but physical damage from sharp objects. 

This is commonly seen in the case of vehicle stickers where usually sharp bumps or other “repairs” cause physical damages to the stickers.

Don’t use any sharp objects to clean vinyl stickers. That will cause damage to the vinyl layer and make the sticker vulnerable to wear and tear later. 

Avoid any peeling and reapplying as it will cause the adhesion to catch dust and wear out the adhesive effects.

Choose a Quality Sticker Printer

As they say “not every sticker is created equal”. 

The best first step to ensure the longevity of vinyl stickers is to choose a high quality sticker printer. So you can make sure that the vinyl stickers are high quality and last long.

Before you contact a sticker printer for your project ask them for the quality of materials they use for stickers, if they offer a sample pack, get that one and examine the quality of stickers, go through their past customer reviews. 

That way you can make sure you choose a high quality sticker maker that will give you the best quality vinyl stickers.



As you can see the longevity of vinyl stickers depends on several factors. If you desire to keep the vinyl stickers be it on your window or your vehicle follow these guidelines. 

Above all getting a high quality vinyl sticker in the first place is critical. And if you are looking for a high quality vinyl sticker maker with a proven track record of quality and many other benefits simply request a quote or request our Free Sample pack to assess the quality of stickers we offer. 


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