Three Strategic Ways to Use Stickers to Market Your Product and Services

Stickers for marketing
We'll show you how to use stickers to attract the target audience to your product or service.

With the rapid development in online ads, promotional stickers still remain an inexpensive marketing tactic. So it’s no surprise that it’s been around for more than half a century.
We’ll show you how to use stickers to attract the target audience to your product or service.

Cars are meant for stickers

A label-per-wheel strategy has proven to be an effective way to draw attention to the brand over time. This is one of the most well-known strategies which is why companies are developing innovative and witty prototypes to politely tell their clients to put them on their vehicles.

Clients like to beautify their vehicles and businesses like to put their marketing message out there. So it is a win-win situation. Car bumper stickers are similar to billboard advertisements, with the exception that they can cover a larger number of people than a billboard, which has a higher chance of being passed by.

You can use vehicle stickers effectively, particularly if you operate an express distribution service where you can promote your brand in various places.

Thou shall put a label on your packaging 

If you know how you would get your customers to purchase your products? Since shoppers are already paying attention to what they choose, it’s all about good product packaging.
When it comes to product labeling, it’s important to consider things like whether they’re safe for the customer’s well being, whether the materials/ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction, and how to keep them fresh. and of course, overcome their common objections to the product.
You can do all these and more with creative labeling strategies.

Make your brand famous in the community 

You should still use stickers as a perfect solution to radio and TV ads in preparation for a large discount offer. It can help you generate sales if you use it as part of your marketing campaign. Place it where people can see it, such as on posts, signage, tables, and poles, to have a bigger difference in the community.

We at Boing Boing Sticker Specialists understand how important stickers are for the company’s marketing and branding efforts. That is why we focus on helping cost-effective sticker and label-based marketing strategies for Australian company owners. If you want to launch your own sticker-based marketing campaign with us, you’ll get free shipping and the quickest production time in the country on our custom stickers and labels. Contact us for more information.

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