Candles are a popular product sold through specialty gift shops, large department stores, mass merchandisers,

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Research suggests that 90% of candles are purchased by the woman and that a whopping 35% of candles are sold during the Christmas/festive season.  

For candle manufacturers, and more particularly, local sellers at community markets, this is important data. However, there are far more pressing considerations to account for when entering the candle business.  


Safety is essential and manufacturers must test their candles for safety to ensure their products meet fire-safety manufacturing specifications. Candles must be labeled or tagged to list the three key candle fire-safety rules. Further information about this can be found at, http://anzcal.com/candle-safety

Manufacturers that show their candles have been tested show compliance to industry standards and create peace of mind for the consumer. Sheets of graphic symbols can be printed for convenience, along with other labels that show the candles have been tested, or that provide information about the use of the candle.  



Candle labels must also be heat resistant. To ensure your label is printed on the best temperature resistant material, advise your printing specialist that you intend to use the labels for candles. Candle labels printed on paper stickers can peel at the edges or become difficult to apply. They also don’t last as long and have zero heat resistance.  

Stickers for Candles


Candles can be made from paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, beeswax, gel, or plant-based wax, like palm, carnauba, bayberry, or soybean. Candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fragrances, and colors with the most popular candles being container/jar candles, pillar, tealight, floating, novelty, and outdoor candles.  

Candles are used for interior decorating and are sometimes the essential finishing touch. They are promoted as beneficial for health, being used for relaxation, mood enhancement, and stress reduction. Consequently, they need to be as pleasing to the eye as much as the nose.  


Candle manufacturers make a vast range of decisions, with safety being vital. This being the case, deciding on the look, feel, and material of candle labels seems almost inconsequential.  

But, the label has its purpose – It catches the eye and draws attention to the candle.  

The label creates the feel and presentability of the candle. And, due to the high percentage of female candle buyers, it’s fair to say that the quality and superiority of the label definitely sway buying decisions.  

So, before you label your candles, why not talk to the specialists at Boing Boing Stickers. They will provide you with the right information about the best materials and application methods to get your candles lighting up the market!  

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