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Candle stickers !

Candles are a perfect mood elevator for all sorts of occasions, from private celebrations to business parties or restaurants and special event settings.

Candle stickers provide nearly as much delight as the actual candle itself when a beautifully designed sticker is attached to the candle’s container or wrapping. Add a personal touch for your scented candles with your customized candle stickers.

While the candle offers light and sometimes a delicious scent, the sticker often provides the aesthetic pleasure which draws in the buyer. As a candle is a thing of beauty pleasing to the senses, they are a popular gift and have been used especially as wedding guest favors, or thank-you gifts to clients.

Candle Stickers can also be used for many other items, including, soaps, lip balm, body wash products, baby products, jars, shampoos. They are printed on high-quality, heatproof vinyl using advanced printing technology and scratch-resistant inks, thus ensuring your candle labels remain forever beautiful and long-lasting. Sticker cut along the specific shape you’ve chosen, with the backing sheet at the same size. The peeled stickers could be square, circle, or any custom shape of your choice.Simple labels will make your product “shine” through.

If you need assistance with designing your sticker, let us know as we provide a free artwork service. We are in 24/7 online chat support. Just explain your opinion about what you want.

We take minimum orders of 250 stickers with a 1-2 days turnaround, or 3-5 days depending on the quantity required after design approval and payment.

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