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Custom Food Labels – How To Get The Best Out Of Them In 2022

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This simple guide gives you solid best practices to get the best out of your custom food labels.

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Food labels play an important role in the success of the food products.

Let’s be honest here.

We all judge the food by its label.

That’s why it is important to invest in high quality food labels to get the attention and make a great impression in your target customer’s mind.

This simple guide is to give you solid best practices to get the best out of your custom food labels.

Stand Out With Unique Design

What is the simple way to stand out on a stall?

Unique shapes and colors.

A unique design with high contrast colors will inevitably catch the attention of stall browsers.

If you talk to an experienced food label designer you will get lots of creative ideas to create a unique food label design.

For example…

Food labels with white lettering on clear stickers give a unique design in conjunction with the food container.

These kinds of simple designs can make your food labels a unique appeal and help to catch the attention of the new customers.

Stand Out With Unique Shape

Just imagine this…

You are browsing the stall to grab some food item. You see your regular brand. Then you eye an attractive shaped new brand of the same food product.

Don’t you get curious to check that out ?

Most people do.

That’s the power of standing out with different shape.

This can be done at several levels – Food container level as well as food label shape level.

For today’s topic let’s discuss how to stand out with differently shaped food labels.

One of the easiest ways to add unique shapes to food labels is to add a cut-out shape to your food label.

It is an easy but effective way that gives that unique difference to your food labels.

Talk to an experienced label printer they will give you more ideas that fit your food labels and the budget.


Highlight Your Brand

Ultimately the purpose of the food labels is to sell more items and expand your brand among more customers.

Therefore don’t forget to highlight your brand and logo in the food labels.


Don’t Forget The “KISS” 

Keep everything simple and stupid.

With all these suggestions, don’t try to implement all these on your labels.

That would create overly designed food labels that actually fail to communicate your main message and are distracting.

Simplicity always wins.


So we hope this simple but idea rich guide helps you to get the most out of your custom food labels to stand out in the market and sell more.

An experienced food label printer can provide you with more information and tactics to customize your custom food labels.

If you need help with designing and printing attractive and unique looking custom food labels we are here to help you. Simply tell us your requirements or use our online store.

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