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Need Health and Safety Stickers?

This is where vinyl stickers become lifesavers and a cheap option for Councils, Organisations or Businesses.

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Health and safety stickers are important and necessary to have around your business any time, regardless of whether or not there is a global pandemic on your doorstep. 

Health and safety stickers, in general, ensure your customers know what to do while visiting your business, for example – general health and safety stickers might tell customers to ‘wait here’, or ‘watch the step’, or in bathrooms, to ‘wash your hands.’ 

Councils and large organisations are responsible for advising larger groups of people in both indoor and outdoor venues and therefore, need to provide clear, direct instructions in sometimes temporary formats, as is the case during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

New signs are being created every day to provide communities with instructions, for example: Beach Closed!

Vinyl Stickers are Lifesavers

This is where vinyl stickers become lifesavers and a cheap option for Councils, Organisations or Businesses. Health and Safety messages can be easily printed on high quality, durable vinyl and simply stuck onto corflute sign boards, thus creating an excellent temporary solution.

For a more permanent solution, vinyl stickers are also perfect for sticking on walls, windows, or concrete. They can be custom designed or printed on a range of materials to suit the required level of adhesion.

For example, when sticking vinyl stickers to a concrete wall high-tack vinyl is used, as this material has stronger adhesion to those surfaces. In general, vinyl is more durable to wear and tear and can better withstand the outdoor elements, while also being a perfect solution for indoor signage.

Make sure you advise the sales consultant at Boing Boing Stickers exactly where you wish to attach your stickers, so they can match the right material with your needs.

Health and Safety Stickers Can Reinforce Branding

You can still make a good impression with your health and safety stickers and reinforce your brand. You don’t have to mock up some bold, typeface in 36pt and yell at everyone to wash their hands.

Stickers can be custom made. All you need to do is upload your own design with your own logo crafted in the voice or style of your business or organisation. This not only shows you work quick on your feet, but you wish to preserve your reputation, thus making a good impression while telling clients that you consider their reputation, too.

Health and Safety Messages

Some health and safety messages a business or organisation might consider printing as stickers include:

  • How to Wash Your Hands
  • Remember, Keep a Safe Distance
  • Cough into Your Elbow
  • Cover your Mouth when Coughing
  • Information Regarding Coronavirus
  • Enter and Exit Signs
  • Stand 2 metres apart
  • New Hours of Operating

Remember, Boing Boing Stickers are here for you during this time. They offer a free quote and a fast 24-hour turnaround service, if needed.

Their products are Australian Made, they consider the environment, and they’re great people to deal with, which during this time when everything feels unstable and uncertain, is a blessing.


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