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Personalise your Wedding with Wedding Stickers

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Weddings are full of joy, intimacy, happiness, and laughter,

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Especially when the bride has outdone herself by immaculately executing her wedding plans to the very last detail. Family and friends all love a good wedding, particularly one which inspires them to marvel over the day for years to come.

It’s true that the bride is always beautiful, the groom scrubs-up well, the food is delicious, and the band sings about love; but really, there is one under-appreciated star of the show, one who ties the whole wedding together from beginning to end, one that leaves guests with warm fuzzy feelings as they leave the reception, one who is customized especially for the special occasion.

Of course, it’s the Wedding Sticker!

Why Wedding Stickers?

Well, these finely crafted, personalized, custom-made, well-produced Wedding Stickers add a special under-current of sophistication and texture to any wedding theme. Wedding Stickers subtly accessorize and embellish on the wedding story. They build on the romance and excitement that guests expect from every wedding!

Wedding Stickers are well known to be there supporting the bride-to-be from the onset. Humbly, they wait on ready-to-peel paper or die-cut vinyl ready to be used as seals to secure those important wedding invitations tucked safely inside their envelopes.

But, don’t be confused by their quiet confidence, the Wedding Stickers purpose is not only to seal the backs of the wedding invitation envelopes, but to invite guests to imagine the wedding’s theme, color and ambiance, and to prepare the hearts of family and friends for the special occasion.

How to use Wedding Stickers to your advantage:

For the bride-to-be, Wedding Stickers are her friend and confidant as she visualizes how to execute her plans down to the finest detail. Wedding Stickers can be subtly weaved throughout the wedding décor in various ways.

Wedding Stickers can be used on:

· Invitation envelopes

· Wedding service programs

· Place cards or seating arrangement lists

· Napkin holders

· Coasters

· Thank-you cards

· Gifts for bridal party or helpers

· Wedding favours

If Wedding Stickers are used deftly throughout the whole procession, discerning guests will begin to notice the message behind the sticker. And for those guests who haven’t noticed, as yet, the bride will still happily leave the wedding with a knowing smile, because she’s saved the best till last.

Her ‘pièce de résistance’ is, of course, the wedding favor, complete with matching Wedding Sticker. She knows that once her guests see those gorgeous wedding favor labels, her message will forever be engraved on their hearts.

The message, of course, highlights how truly charming the married couple is, and at this point, guests shouldn’t be alarmed by their overly warm and fuzzy feelings, which will lead them to forever hail the married couple as a marvel of precision and sophistication.

And how did this happen? The answer is simple. The couple chooses to share with their closest family and friends an aspect of their unique personality through using well-placed, beautifully produced, and thematically consistent Wedding Stickers!

It’s true, Wedding Stickers are charming, sophisticated, and versatile. They can be produced on paper sheets or die-cut into various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Boing Boing Stickers offers a no-fuss fast turnaround so any bride-to-be can keep her planning underway and her theme on display!

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