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Product Labels Reveal More Than You Think.

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In the last blog, we talked a bit too much about jam! Furthermore, we asked some tough questions

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Around how to make your products stand out in a crowded marketplace?

The questions offered were a good start. However, let’s unpack these questions to help you uncover your company’s personality and what your product labels could be saying about you.

Your company’s “personality” is a combination of your vision and values combined with the standards and ethics of the people that run the company.  What a company shows externally is usually a reflection of who they are. This might be referred to as the unique fingerprint that each business has. Some businesses might call this their “point of difference.” 

Product Label Considerations

When thinking about how to label your products, consider the impression you want to leave on your target market by analyzing what it is you want to show them.

What colours have you chosen to reflect your company? Why are these colours important? What meanings do the colours hold to you, or to your customers?

How much information do you put on the label? If the label is loaded with information it can be overwhelming. However, too little information, in some cases, can leave the customer wondering about the product.

What does your artwork say about your company? The artwork is a strong visual experience that can cause an immediate reaction. What kind of reaction do you want to produce?

The quality of the labeling also has an impact. When you use high quality, long-lasting materials, you show an aspect of your company’s standards. This often makes the product seem valuable. When you value your products you teach your consumers to do the same.

Product Labels Analysis

As an example, let’s take a look at a product label used by the social enterprise, Thankyou Group. The bottled water product was Thankyou’s first product to hit the market, but its purpose wasn’t to profit the company but to profit underdeveloped nations with poor access to the water supply.

From my perspective, I think this label oozes personality and charm. Let’s analyze it and find out how much can be said about a company, a product, a social enterprise with something as simple as a label.

  • Thank-you. The word, a thank-you is twofold. It is the name of the social enterprise group, and it shows immediate gratitude. When you buy a bottle of water, it feels like the group is thanking you – all the while you feel great for helping others. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship right from the start!
  • Cost-effective. The use of two colors – black and white shows they are conscious about keeping their costs low. This makes you wonder why, which leads you to understand the group’s promise. They commit 100% profit from the sale of all products to developing nations.
  • Bold. Using a bold fond stands out. It leaves a strong impression suggesting the group is brave and is not afraid to stand out.
  • Modern. The label uses minimal information and the less is more approach. It is simple and effective.
  • Content. The information on the back of the label spells out what they’re achieving and tells you how you’re part of the solution. It is clear, concise, and informative.
  • Idealistic. The ideals of this social enterprise are attractive! Their spirit is generous and aligns with and attracts a collective consciousness who also want to contribute to society positively.
  • Compassionate. The product label shows compassion and touches the social conscience of consumers and, undoubtedly, creates conversation.

The labeling on thankyou’s bottled water is simple and effective. The product does stand out from the crowd because the label is accessible, easy to read, and easy to see from a distance.

It draws you in and makes you wonder, who is this group? What are they about? And, how many bottles should I buy to help out? It oozes personality and drives the consumer to know more about the product and the group behind it.

Knowing your company’s personality and the impact you wish to make will make a difference in how you design your product labels. Knowledge is Power, they say.

Therefore, having a deeper awareness about your motivations and drivers, your “point of difference” or “unique fingerprint” should help you build a well thought out product label that is unique, attractive and shows the personality of your business.

And, if you need any help fleshing out the answers to some of your questions, the happy fellows at Boing Boing Stickers are available to help. They provide free artwork services and have over a decade of experience in printing stickers and labels. Good luck.

Kyla-Jayne Rajah of Elevate Words writes and edits content for conscientious business owners, authors, and professionals.

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