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5 Reasons to Start Using Bumper Stickers

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If you ever underestimate the power of bumper stickers as your promotional materials…

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Have you seen those delivery vehicles with stickers about their services ? 

Or those colorful stickers advertising different products or services on the back of the vehicles ? 

Those are the bumper stickers. (some call them vehicle stickers as well)

If you ever underestimate the power of bumper stickers as your promotional materials…

Think again.

In this economic down time you need to leverage all those cost effective but highly powerful promotional mediums.

Even if you are a online business, you can reap wider benefits by using bumper stickers as an alternative marketing medium.

Massive Exposure

One of the main advantages of bumper stickers is the impressive exposure they give your brand/ business. 

What other medium can expose your product/ service or brand to the entire city at the lowest cost ?

Billboard cost you thousands

Digital or online marketing come close but not always cheaper as bumper stickers 

If you are a local business and don’t use bumper stickers, you are leaving money on the table.

Just find a good promotion and get an attractive bumper stickers and paste them on your own delivery vehicles or your own vehicle, friends vehicles or even public vehicles (after their permission)

Watch your sales grow as the days, weeks and months pass. 

Low Cost Promotional Materials 

How much does it cost to put up a billboard to promote products or services? 

And paying for it every week or month ? 

But you can pay once and get the same or even better marketing returns. 

Only if you use Bumper Stickers. 

Even the social media marketing campaigns cost more. 

If you are a smart business trying to get new sales in this post pandemic era…
Start incorporating Bumper Stickers to your marketing mix. 

Highly Customizable 

If you think Bumper stickers are limited to some of those ugly mono shape vehicle stickers you have seen, that’s absolutely wrong.

Now with the advancement of the technology  the bumper sticker printing has advanced exponentially. 

Today you can have any shape or size of bumper stickers printed and shipped to your doorstep within a few days. 

If you worry that your versatile logo or design cannot be captured on  a bumper sticker, rest assured. We definitely can. 

What is more capturing the attention than a beautifully designed bumper sticker with unique shape.

Compliment Online Marketing

If you are a business that put majority of your marketing using online digital marketing methods, Bumper Stickers offer you a new way to reach people you probably are not reaching out to. 

Most people use social media, Google and other online platforms.

But there is a percentage of people that only trust and buy from businesses they can actually see the hear in real life.

So you can organize a new offline campaign as an experiment that compliments your digital marketing campaign and see the results. 

Moreover,it is said that itt takes 5 to 7 repeated times for a customer to make a purchase decision.

So you can use Bumper Stickers to appear in their visual field when they are both browsing online as well as when they are taking a walk you have an unfair advantage.

Zero Upkeep or Maintenance 

Marketing and promotions can drain your budget quickly.

Specially the maintenance and upkeep of your marketing material is a nagging cost most businesses have to endure – be it billboards, digital marketing campaigns or even your website.

But bumper stickers are the only one that do not need regular costly maintenance fees.

You only need to keep them clean.

If you have invested in a high quality Bumper Sticker Printer, your bumper stickers have a very good longevity as they are made of high quality water resistant and waterproof materials.  

As you can see, Bumper stickers are a must have promotional medium every smart local business owner should start using for their marketing and promotional campaigns. 

With the new shiny (mostly expensive) online and other marketing/ promotional methods still old school promotional stickers have lots to offer. 

And if you are a Australian business looking to incorporate bumper stickers to your marketing, simply reach out to Us and we are here to help you. 

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