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Guide to Getting New Clients for Real Estate Agents and Brokers after Pandemic

Real estate agent stickers
Here are five creative methods real estate agents and brokers can use to market during the post pandemic era.

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In the time of social distancing and where large crowd gathering are discouraged as a real estate agent you may feel like you have no way to get new clients. 
But challenging times require creative unconventional decisions.

Here are five creative methods real estate agents and brokers can use to market during the post pandemic era.


Use Custom Notebook/ Pads 

Most real estate agents carry a notebook or notepad or at least keep one in their vehicle.

You can get custom stickers saying “ Wanna Buy A House”  or Wanna Sell a House” 

Both sides of the notebook.

Guess what that can be a great conversation starter for potential customers even if you don’t actively show off your notebook to everybody passing by. 

And if you don’t carry a notebook. Get one and get a custom sticker of the above phrases.

If you like to turn your notebook or notepad to lead generation source like this please contact us and we can help you with custom stickers with the message you want. 

Custom Made Coffee Sleeve 

You take your favorite coffee on the go, right ? 

Why not use that as your marketing & branding material ? 

Just put your realtor message and see how people stop you from asking for more info or questions about real estate.

And you can be creative if you can give away coffee sleeves to your past customers & friends. Of course, don’t forget to put your message on them. 

 Use your Laptop & Phone 

You take your Phone and even the laptop around.

Why not turn it into a lead generation medium ? 

These everyday accessories have a greater potential to strike a conversation that would turn into a lifelong client or partnership. 

Simply stick a custom sticker that say  “ Wanna Buy A House ?”  or Wanna Sell a House ?” 

Or your statement of value. 

And notice how random people start conversations with you regarding their need for house or selling their house. 

Use your vehicle or at least the License Plate 

Use can use a giant vehicle sticker to advertise and brand your real estate service.

It will catch the attention of more people than you expect.

However, if you feel resistance to turn your beloved vehicle into a giant billboard you can turn the vehicle license plate into a tiny billboard. 

We offer a range of vehicle stickers with enough customization ability for you to use for this purpose. Please contact us for more information. 

Use Your Pet 

If you can’t do any of the above you can at least use your pet cat or dog to get more real estate clients. 

Head to your nearest pet park and dress your dog in a stylist bandana that says “ Wanna sell your house ?” or  “Wanna buy a house?”

Watch how your pet’s  new bandana helps to spark up a conversation with other pet lovers!


As you can see these are not the usual marketing methods used by real estate agents.

But if you want to survive and thrive during these unprecedented times of history you are forced to use unconventional methods and strategies to market your real estate business. 

And if you want help with custom promotional stickers & labels to implement above marketing strategies feel free to contact us. We have a range of real estate promotional stickers specifically for real estate marketing.

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