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5 Reasons to Use Promotional Stickers to Get More Customers after Covid-19

Promotional stickers
Covid-19 pandemic created a massive disruption in the world. The economy is shrinking. Customers are reluctant to spend. Most businesses are struggling to survive.

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But businesses have to spend on marketing and advertising if they want to attract new customers and survive these tough times.

So these tough times force us to try out cost effective marketing and advertising methods that are almost forgotten.

Consider promotional stickers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate promotional stickers to your marketing and advertising.

Cost Effective

Stickers are the most affordable yet effective marketing method out there. You can print and distribute attractive stickers ⅓ of the cost of the newspaper or social media advertising.

Plus they can be very attractive and eye catchy, loved by kids and adults equally. .

Provide Wider Exposure

Think of a bumper sticker with your business logo and message, how many of your wannabe costumes would see it?

How long will they see it every day?

That’s the power of stickers as promotional material. Now think of how much you would have to pay if you want to get this same exposure using print or social media.

Turn Your Happy Customers to Sales People

Ever tried asking referrals from your happy customers and got disappointed with the results?

Then try this. Give away stickers with your marketing message to your happy customers and ask them to paste them on their laptops, vehicles, water bottles and more

See how you get more ready to buy referrals simply because your happy customers recommend your product or service when they are asked about those eye catchy new stickers.

Easy tool for JVs

What are JVs?  Joint ventures with other businesses. 

If you ask other businesses to put out your promotional sticks in their storefront (in exchange you do the same) you can easily get a lot of “warm leads” without all those complex joint venture deals.

Long Lasting

Provided you got high quality stickers from a trusted printer like us, promotional stickers can last a very long time. They are waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. 

They will send you new customers like a mini-billboard at a fraction of the cost of a billboard ad.

This post-pandemic period forces us to come up with creative ways to attract new customers. Stickers give some of the most cost effective and long lasting promotional methods that have almost gone unnoticed due to new shiny marketing methods.

Stickers have been a major advertising method used by very successful brands like coca-cola and Nike. But even small businesses can use stickers to promote and attract new customers very cost effectively.

If you are a business trying to build up after Covid-19 hit, we have good news for you.

To support Australian businesses to attract new customers after Covid-19 we put together a special promotional sticker’s package.

So If you are ready to emerge after this pandemic disaster using cost effective marketing methods, check out this special business support package we offer during this challenging time

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