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At the beginning of every school year teachers, parents, guardians and children seem to go sticker crazy!

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This comes with the usual mad dash to stationery stores, discount shops, and sticker printing outlets to pick up stickers of all shapes and sizes, colors and sentiments.

It doesn’t matter whether the child is heading into 4 year-old kindy, Grade 2, or High-school, stickers always seem to find their way into the hearts and lives of said persons.  


Teachers are the bearer of, mostly, great news, unless you’re the kid who just can’t seem to find your “inside voice”. Then it’s corridor time for you, and probably less stickers on those workbooks; although, eventually you’ll get a crack at being ‘star performer’ at least once during your primary school career.

Consequently, most, if not all children have been the proud recipients of merit stickers. And what a plethora of stickers teachers have to choose from. 

There are: Growth Mindset Stickers, Personalized Stickers, Foil Stickers, Comic Merit Stickers, Feedback Stickers, Monster Stickers, Music Stickers, School Emblem Stickers, LOTE Stickers, STEM Stickers, and the old faithful, the Gold Star Sticker, which literally says nothing but tells your child in every way, they are Star quality!

This is a great deal for schools, particularly when every school needs a stash of not only merit stickers, as stated above, but also School Emblem Stickers, or Gold and Silver Foil Stickers, which end up at the bottom right corner of School certificates. And we all know that kids love a certificate, even the college kids.

At Boing Boing Stickers, All Australian Schools receive a massive 20% discount on all stickers and labels. Terms and conditions do apply, so check them out.


Back to School madness is two-fold for parents; reason being, they need to purchase not only reward stickers, to remind their kids they are smart and good at brushing their teeth, but they are contracted to purchasing those dreaded labels! 

Yes kids, it’s labeling time! This means parents all over Australia who’ve already forked out a small fortune on school uniforms, bags, lunch boxes, computer bags, books and shoes, now need to figure out the labeling system. 

Yes, one could use a permanent marker, however, this doesn’t always seem that permanent. Another option is iron-on labels, which tend to fall off after a few washes. A further option is label stickers. 

These are professionally printed vinyl stickers that have your kid’s name printed on them. You can buy them in sheets of 10 or 20 and they actually stick incredibly well to drink bottles, lunch bags, school bags, and items of clothing, particularly the size label at the back of the neck.  


This is fairly self-explanatory. Kids love stickers!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone or go online to chat to the specialists at Boing Boing Stickers. 

They’ll take the madness out of “back to school” and see you right about the best stickers and labels for your school, or your children’s school gear. And by the way, here’s a gold star!

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