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Custom Packaging Stickers are Good Business.

Custom packaging stickers add the finishing touches to the Christmas gifts you send to clients.

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They are a lovely condiment for wrapping or popping on the back of an envelope too.

Think of the Finer Details. 

They are also a great, inexpensive way for businesses to share their business name, branding, and to remind people how your business goes the extra mile.

Custom stickers and labels are not only for big brand, big budget companies anymore. Once upon a time, you’d only find these stylish stickers on the tissue wrapped gifts and merchandise purchased from up-market stores. 

Such stickers were seen by customers as the added bonus – they were an ornamental gift given to the purchaser willing to spend at exclusive stores, and spend a little more.

‘There you go madame, you deserve a beautiful custom sticker on your tissue wrapped item to go with your $250 silk scarf.’

Use Business Acumen

These custom, packaging stickers were not only used for business branding to remind customers where they made their expensive purchase, but they also reinforced the feelings the customer had for having made such a purchase. I.e: joy, pride, happiness, or self-entitlement. Custom stickers were used more so for the psychological impact over the actual reinforcement of business branding. 

The beauty of the custom sticker is they no longer are popped on the tissue wrapped purchases bought only at high-end, up market, stores with over-inflated prices. These custom stickers can now be found on the back of paper bags packaging your purchases from the local artisan jeweller selling their wares at the community art and craft market. 

Savvy crafters and business owners have taken this super marketing concept, that in the days of old was seen only in high-end stores, and have brought it to the streets for the every-day shopper.  And for good reason too. 

You can pack a small amount of information on one of these custom stickers, like the logo of the business, the business name, and the website, or other contact details. 

In some cases, these custom stickers work harder that the average business card, because the buyer has already purchased a product or item, therefore, they’ve already engaged in a transactional relationship with the business owner or store.

When the transaction comes with positive feelings, these feelings are reinforced in the buyer when they peel back the sticker. Some buyers take their time peeling back the sticker, they want to relive the experience.

It doesn’t matter whether the custom sticker is gilded and sticking tissue together over an expensive purchase, or it’s sitting on the back of a paper packet with your hand-crafted earrings tucked inside.

Either way, peeling back that custom sticker, most always, makes you feel important, and thus, leaves you with a warm, satisfying feeling. It’s this feeling that’s great for business and brings customers back. Particularly, when the customer service experience matches the quality of the item and the sensibility of the buyer. 

Be Business Savvy

So, Get your custom stickers today! Contact us at Boing Boing Stickers. We have over two decades of knowledge and experience with stickers, labels, and large format printing. We are here to service all of your sticker requirements and needs. 

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