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Design your sticker online
There are plenty of sticker design platforms on the internet. Taking a quick search on google, reveals 73,600,000 results! Of course

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The variety of platforms come in the form of sticker businesses like Stickers, Moo, Sticker Mule being top of the list. These platforms offer custom stickers and easy to use prompts that invite customers to upload their own design or artwork.


Other options, like other printers, Online Labels provide platforms that have ready to go templates where you can easily tick a few prompts, select your size, shape, and template backgrounds and within five minutes you’ve made a pretty sticker. And there’s nothing wrong with using templates, they’re easy to use and are a fast track to getting the job done!

The issue, though, is that sometimes the templates lack originality or uniqueness, especially when a template becomes popular and every second person has it. Granted, popularity is seen as a positive thing, and it’s human to enjoy familiarity in one another’s choices; however, in this case, having the same sticker or business card can actually undermine the image, brand, or professionalism of a business.


This is where Boing Boing Stickers are a little different. Yes, they offer custom stickers where you can upload a design, and it’s very simple to include your file in the order. But did you know they also offer a unique Sticker Design Suite on their website, which provides the capacity for customers to create original stickers using advanced design software?

They really do, and here are the instructions to help you access the Design Suite.


Follow the link, How to Order This takes you to Now you’re in the store scroll down and choose the type of sticker or label that you wish to design and purchase.

Begin the Ordering Process

Once a style is selected, I.e. candle labels, wedding stickers, vinyl stickers, you’ll be taken to the ordering page for that label. Within the ordering page, you can either request a custom quote, or select a standard sticker size, shape, and finish. Once you’ve made your choices, click ‘Get Started’.

Be Creative

At this point, you’ll be offered two pathways – upload a design or create your custom design.

This is where it gets interesting. When you click on Custom Design you’re taken into Boing Boing’s Sticker Design Suite.

Design your Sticker

Initially, you’ll need to zoom in on the screen to ensure you can see your design clearly, this is easily achieved by clicking the magnifying glass a few times. Once you have the desired view you can begin to design your sticker.

You can choose text, shape, images, backgrounds. You can use preinstalled content or upload your own. When you drag and drop each aspect into your design you are given specific tools to make changes and refinements. You’re even given a few tips!

Also, a great aspect of this design program is the line between the actual content and the bleed line is very clear. This ensures you’ll always know what will be printed.

Finishing up

When you’ve finished, simply save your sticker and login to order. Another great aspect of this process is you can continue to edit your sticker up to the point of ordering. Sometimes, it’s the finishing touches that ensure you’re truly happy with your results.

Overall, Boing Boing’s Sticker Design Suite is very intuitive, easy to use, and provides a clean slate where you can create something new, different, and unique for your projects or business. And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

As always, if you have any trouble or require more information on how to use Boing Boing Stickers’ Design Suite, contact their support team. They provide 24/7 online chat support and are there to solve sticky problems

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