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How to Build Better Customer Relationship Using Custom Printed Envelopes

Custom Envelopes
In this article, we are going to show you how to use custom printed envelopes to build better customer relationships and keep loyal customers for life.

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Direct mail is an old-school marketing method. Back in the days, it was the widely used and most effective marketing method for most companies – big and small.

But with the internet direct mail has become a thing of the past.

However, with the ever-increasing competition in the online world small businesses can return to this old-school method with a modern spin.


So in this article, we are going to show you how to use custom printed envelopes to build better customer relationships and keep loyal customers for life.


It increases your brand recognition

Think of receiving a bunch of plain mailers but one with a distinctively different envelope.

Doesn’t that stand out and get attention?

Exactly, that’s the power that custom envelopes have when used correctly.

The truth is now it is so hard to get the attention of customers. They are bombarded with all kinds of marketing messages constantly – be it online or offline.

But direct mail is something most have ignored because of the advent of the internet.

So custom envelopes keep your brand in front of your customers’ minds and foster relationships at the lowest cost. You have very little competition in this channel. Plus people love to get attractive mailers.


It’s a quick way to display your brand style and ethos

Custom envelopes are a great way to communicate your brand values and style clearly and effectively.

When your customers take a look at your custom envelopes they can see,feel and when used effectively,get them to read your brand values.

All these help to build a better customer relationship and customer loyalty. Because they know your brand and brand values better.

What other better and inexpensive way to accomplish these goals?


 It’s very cost effective

Social media advertising is expensive, for emails, you need a technical person to handle everything and plus pay for an email provider.

Telephone and text messages are costly and not everyone likes to receive marketing messages to their phone. .

So direct mail is the most cost effective channel for better customer relationships for small and mid-sized businesses.


The shortcut to getting amazing custom Envelopes

There is a way to get custom envelopes without spending tons and without waiting weeks to get your custom printed envelopes.

Use custom stickers and use them on regular mailers.

That way you can easily turn those regular envelopes into your custom branded envelopes with your own amazing design and logo.

We are not advocating not to go for custom printed mailers. Custom printed mailers are fantastic too.. .

But it is not always required, especially when the advertising budget is shrinking.




In conclusion, as you can see, custom envelopes offer a distinct advantage in fostering customer relationships and keeping your brand in front of your loyal customers’ minds.  There is less competition, more opportunity and cost-effective marketing tools every small and mid-sized company should explore.

And if you are interested in creating your own custom envelopes using custom stickers we are here to help you. As the default sticker and label printer for Australians, we can offer you competitive pricing and high quality custom stickers.


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