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Eco-Friendly Packaging: Sustainable Business Practices For A Better Future

Eco friendly Packaging options
We will show you some of the simple methods to incorporate Eco-friendly packaging to your business. It reduces waste, saves more money plus attracts those Eco-friendly customers to your products. 

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More and more businesses are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment – from big corporations to small mom & pop shops.

Going Eco-friendly doesn’t have to be a huge shift. With small new adjustments and slight new changes towards sustainability most businesses can incorporate Eco-friendly practices. One such way is Eco-friendly packaging.

What is Eco-friendly packaging ?

Simply put Eco-friendly packaging is using environmentally sustainable materials for packaging and incorporating other sustainability practices like re-usability etc.

You don’t have to use special bamboo packaging or something expensive to be Eco-friendly.


In this guide we will show you some of the simple methods to incorporate Eco-friendly packaging to your business. It reduces waste, saves more money plus attracts those Eco-friendly customers to your products.

However, it is advised to consult with an authorized organization if you plan to announce your products or packing as Eco-friendly. Because there are certain criteria and certificates you need to have to claim that Eco-friendly label.


Simple steps to use Eco-friendly packaging 


Use reusable packing options

Waste is environmentally harmful and it is costly to recycle. That’s why reusable packaging has gained lots of popularity. Think of offering durable reusable packaging for your products. These can be reused by the customer or can be recollected and reused for the packaging.

You may have to afford the initial investment of these packaging items.
These reusable items are often used in supermarkets as reusable bags and jars.  So the customers can reuse them over a long time or return it so you can as the owner can reuse them.

Rather than just tossing it into the garbage bin now your packaging can be used over and over again.

If reusable packaging is not possible for you then you can try…


Using recyclable materials

You can remove all or at least most of the artificial non-recyclable materials from your packaging. So you can easily move into the Eco-friendly packaging category.

Remove any plastic, cellophane, vinyl etc from your packaging. Talk to your sticker and label printer about recyclable stickers and labels.

Soon you will realize that recyclable materials are cost effective and easy to handle.


Using sustainable materials

Sometimes using recyclable materials is not practical for certain industries. The solution is to turn towards sustainable material for your packaging. Certain types of bamboo and other rapidly replenishable materials are generally used as sustainable materials.


Using reduced materials 

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. So the reduction of your packaging materials makes it Eco-friendly and sustainable.

Take for example the typical pizza box…

Does it have to be that big and thick of a box?

Or you can make it small and slim down by reducing material waste.

On top of that, who needs a hefty sized box for pizza ?


In conclusion these are some of the easy ways to transition into eco-friendly packaging. Going eco-friendly doesn’t have to be this enormous and expansive endeavor.(like some of those big brands do). You can start with your packaging.

And while making your business more sustainable and environmentally clean you attract new environmentally conscious customers to your brand.

And if you want eco-friendly stickers and labels for your packaging we are here to help. We have a complete collection of paper stickers of all sizes and shapes. Plus we offer Australia-wide free shipping.

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