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Promotional Stickers for Online Businesses

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Here are some old-school methods to get more customers for online businesses using promotion stickers.

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More and more new online businesses are starting. And even the existing businesses have started to incorporate online stores with the changes in the socio-economic climate.

But finding new customers online is becoming challenging or expensive. Social media has increased its restrictions and asks you to pay if you want to reach more people.

As a result, many online businesses struggle to survive and even grow.

Here are some old-school methods to get more customers using promotion stickers.

Use Labels to Promote Your Social Media

Social media followers and branding are very vital for online businesses. But if you can use your product labels effectively you can easily get more social media followers and likes. 

Use your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube username or hashtags on your product labels. And ask them to find and connect online. Most of your loyal customers will start to follow you online.

Use Bumper Stickers to Promote Your Brand

Branding is very powerful for businesses. The more people know and trust your brand it is easier to sell your products. 

Bumper stickers or otherwise known as vehicle stickers are a great tool for branding. 

Just get a bunch of high-quality bumper stickers printed with the eye-catching design of your logo and your brand message. 

Give away these to your customers, supporters and friends and family members to place them on their vehicle.

So simply got a bunch of vehicles moving around with your brand message.

Organize Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are some of the best ways to attract a bunch of customers quickly.

But most giveaways and contests just don’t get you, new customers, only freebie seekers.

If you can use stickers with your giveaways and attach stickers to your contest gifts you can keep reminding the new people about your brand and products. 

It is about getting the attention of new people and keeping reminding them that you exist.

Custom stickers can really help with keeping up with them.

Get more Reviews with Stickers as Free Gifts 

Have you heard of the saying “ People buy from people they like” ?

That’s true. You can turn the friends and family of your existing customers into new customers.

Simply give away small gifts with stickers of your brand name and message. And ask them to share those with their friends and family. Ideally, direct them to your store with discounts.

You will notice you have new customers if you continue this practice. Make sure you look at the Customer LifeTime Value when you plan this kind of campaign.




So here are some of the few but powerful strategies to creatively use custom promotional stickers to grow your online business.

With a bit more creativity and the support of a custom sticker printer you can leverage promotional stickers for your online business as well.

If you need any help with promotional sticker printing we are here to extend our fullest support to make your project a  success with our printing services.

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