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Stickers Marketing For Australian Businesses

stickers marketing
There’s nothing more exciting as a child than receiving a sticker, or even collecting stickers for a hobby.

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As youngsters, my brother and I would bike around the Industrial business areas, stopping at all the businesses to ask for a sticker. Most of the time, the receptionists were very obliging, some even asking, “where will you stick it?” Little did I realize why. But, now that I’m older, and hopefully wiser, I suspect I understand the method in the marketing.

Stickers are a simple, yet, effective way of attracting attention in a non-invasive, ‘here’s a gift,’ like way, while passively drawing attention to your business name, website, slogan, or brand. On several occasions, my stickers ended up on duffle bags, the back window of the valiant charger (much to Dad’s chagrin), my bike mudflaps, my bedroom window, and most interestingly, my neighbour’s horse float! Without knowledge or remuneration, I was advertising the local businesses like nobody’s business.

Back in the 80s, those stickers came in only a few shapes and colors, not like the variants that can be made today, from die-cut stickers to wall stickers, premium vinyl stickers to foil stickers. Still, it was the gleam of the bright reds, the sharp points of a thunderbolt shape, the plain ovals with bold words, that made my day. As a result, those stickers made me feel like I had been given a special gift for free!

These days, stickers are the go-to product and are an absolutely necessary item in a business’s marketing strategy. First of all, stickers are essential and can strengthen ties in the relationship between customers and their favorite businesses, all-the-while passively spreading the good news about that organization.

Not only do these free ‘gift-like’ stickers show-off a business’s website, catchy tagline, or funky design, they also communicate how customers feel about the business. And, certainly, that must be one of the most important aspects of customer service?

The better a customer feels about your products or services, the more they value and rate your service. Consequently, this creates greater loyalty, and that increases familiarity and, sometimes, community. Furthermore, the more connected a customer feels, the more likely they are to talk about your business, share their stories, or wear your promotional stickers! Or, at least slap one on the back of their financed RV.

It’s those small emotional connections that keep customers returning and actually increases their desire to promote your products and services with enthusiasm. As a result, what they are communicating when they place your ‘gift-like’ sticker somewhere is their satisfaction with your business. And that super-charged marketing is a gift for both you and your customers.

So, what kinds of stickers should make the cut in your business’s marketing strategy?

Definitely, high quality, premium vinyl stickers, die-cut, preferably to show how original and unique your business is. You want to create a giveaway sticker that truly gives – in shape, color, and message with the capacity to build excitement, for it may not only be for your loyal and important customers who’ve identified with your business, but also some random youngsters obsessed with stickers and no qualms about sticking them everywhere.

If you put a Ferrari sticker on a toaster, it doesn’t go any faster.

Sergio Marchionne

Kyla-Jayne Rajah of Elevate Words writes and edits content for conscientious business owners, authors, and professionals.

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