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You’ve bought the puddings, the king prawns, the panettone, and the new bikes for the kids.

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The tree is up, decorations on, duck is thawing. Finally, you found the glazed cherries for the cake. All is well and you’ve reached the pinnacle of Christmas organisation, and quite frankly, you’re rather smug. 

the drama

Until you pick up your kids from school, that is. There are several children ringing bells, riding bikes decorated from mud guard to handlebars with, you guessed it – Bicycle Stickers!

Bicycle Stickers? You didn’t know you needed those?

Darling daughter loves the butterfly stickers the best. She can’t stop pointing them out. ‘Mum, mum, look!’

Darling son wants a bike plastered with robot stickers. ‘Awesome!’

Just when you thought Christmas madness was over, you realise Christmas will be ruined without bicycle stickers. But, who? At such short notice? Where can you find vinyl Bicycle Stickers with no time to spare?

Actually, Bicycle Stickers are just the same as any other vinyl sticker. They just come in child friendly designs, images, shapes, sizes and colours. Quite frankly, what kid doesn’t want a bike plastered with colourful Bicycle Stickers?

the solution

Bicycle Stickers can be purpose made and designed by Boing Boing’s in-house designer, if you’re prepared. Or, you could create personalised stickers using Boing Boing’s sticker design system, or, you might send in a ready made design and have your vinyl stickers printed in the nick of time.

See the blog on how to use the design system,

The fact is stickers are multi-purpose items used for almost any purpose and in any position. Depending on the adhesive of the sticker, vinyl bicycle stickers can be stuck to a pretty much any surface, including windows, concrete, cars, wood, metal, plastic, tiles, paper, card, glass, even bicycles! Yay.

Your kids will love them and a roll of fun vinyl stickers will make great stocking suffers. They’ll also leave a hint about that oversize present leaning against the wall near the Christmas tree. Surely Santa didn’t bring that weird shaped thing all the way from the North Pole? 

boing boing stickers saves Christmas!

Boing Boing Stickers can handle last minute orders – they’re on call 24/7 and will pull out all stops to keep you off the naughty parent list!

Order your bicycle stickers today and rest easy knowing your kids won’t be disappointed on Christmas day; instead, they’ll be full of Christmas joy while they plaster their new bikes with fabulous stickers.

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