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Wall Stickers: How to Apply a Birthday Party Wall Decal Sticker with Ease

As much as we love the gorgeous look of large, colourful, dramatic decals on any wall, they are, sometimes, tricky to apply.

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Except, if you’re an expert sticker applier – like say a signwriter! Well, most of us are not sign-writers, but somehow we’re all great at sticking our fingers to wall stickers instead of the wall.


Think about it. It’s your beloved daughter’s 4th birthday party and everything has to be perfection, from the treats in the goodie bags to the birthday themed party decals on the wall. Trust me – I’ve been there.


Thankfully, the decals arrive just in time. Great news, but wait, they weren’t printed at Boing Boing, so when you pull them out of the dubiously small postage packet there’s a major folding crease through the middle of the princess castle. UH-OH. Now, you’re hurriedly unfolding all your decals only to notice every crease, and they ‘ain’t even on the wall yet. Oh My GOODNESS.


At this point, 5 deep breathes can help. And, frantically reading blogs on how to apply a creased, but still lovely, wall decal. No problem. I’ll show you how to get that sucker on your wall in six easy steps using the children’s party, deep breathes method.

BREATH ONE – Don’t yell at the children or the husband. It’s best to keep both age groups on board; they will come in handy later, especially the husband – his wallet is packed full of those shiny, stiff credit cards, and you’ll need them to smear the bubbles out of the sticker. And, the kids? Well, they’ll tell you what a great job you did, afterward – so definitely find them later.

BREATH TWO – This is a very important, very practical step and mustn’t be overlooked. Yes, we know it’s a kid’s party, but remember that bottle of wine you parked in the fridge for after the party? Yes … that $15 bottle of Chardonnay. That’s the one-off you go and get that out now! I’m not telling you to drink at 10 am. I’m just saying, it’s an incentive and reward.

BREATH THREE – Okay –Take a clean cloth and give the wall, where you wish to apply your decal, a good clean. You see, as much as kids’ dirty finger marks make great wall art, stickers prefer a clean surface. Also, remember to ensure the wall is dry before you begin the application process.

BREATH FOUR – Line up your decal to the place where you wish to apply it. Once the placement is established, slowly, and gently peel a small section of the backing paper. Press the wall sticker firmly onto the surface, while gently peeling back more backing paper. Keep peeling and pressing the exposed sticky side to the wall.

BREATHE FIVE – When you reach the ugly folding crease, control the sticker by slowly pressing the sticker to the wall one section at a time. You’ll notice the crease will naturally disappear as it adheres to the wall.

BREATH SIX – Stand back from your work, but do not, at this stage call for the children. They will instantly crush your sticker-application-magnificence by pointing out every bubble and error. Instead, find the husband, or his wallet, particularly if he’s become indispensable to Aunty who is the icing the cake.

BREATH SEVEN – Take a credit card and go out shopping! No. Stay focused. Where you see tiny air bubbles, gently guide the air to the closest edge. Once you’ve evicted all the air bubbles, take a fluffy polishing cloth and polish up that gorgeous birthday party wall decal.

All done! Call the children in, put the wine back in the fridge, and congratulate yourself for acing the birthday party crease crises! Next year, though, if you want to reduce stress levels, order your crease-free wall decal from Boing Boing Stickers.

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