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Printing with White Ink

white ink printing
What if you can print with white ink on black or color materials ? That's what we are going to discuss...

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Standing out and elevating your brand and your products/ services from the competitors can be challenging.

Businesses always look for ways to be different or use the latest marketing tactics and techniques to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

And promotional stickers and labels are one area most businesses use to communicate their brand and market their products and services.

But when everybody uses black ink on white or clear materials for their stickers and labels, it becomes so commonplace.

What if you can print with white ink on black or color materials ?

Will that get the attention of your target customers ?

That will allow the businesses to get an unfair advantage and capture the attention of your market by printing your stickers and labels with white ink.

Let’s examine the advantages of printing using white ink.

Dramatic Vibrant Colors

White ink provides an excellent background color for all the other colors. So anything printed on white ink becomes so vivid and vibrant. Almost other colors look pop – giving your designs an extra edge to the print.

This effect can not be achieved by just printing on paper or vinyl. Plus using white ink as the base coat requires less ink when printing on it but dramatic colors.

High Contrast and Visibility

Black and white colors are the most striking colors if you want to get visibility and attention. Everybody prints black on white materials so it is common and people get used to it mostly.  

So when this common practice is reversed you get the eyeballs as it is something new. That’s what white ink printing offers. A different way to get the attention of the people on to the print.

Identification & Security

White ink is best for making watermarks and other identification & security codes on materials especially papers.

When other colors are used it becomes evident it is watermarked. But white ink blends perfectly with most colours to create that intact watermark that is hard to notice at once.



In conclusion, printing stickers and labels with white ink have several advantages over other colors.

And even white is considered a plain dull colour, you can creatively use white colors to highlight, differentiate and capture the attention of people.

So if you want your stickers and labels print using white ink, we are here to help.

Our company is equipped with state of art printing technology to print in white very easy and fast.

You can request a quick quote here.

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