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What are the perfect labels for your products & packaging ?

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All the details you need to know about label materials in the market so you can say No to the overwhelm and make an informed decision easily.

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If you are looking for label material for your product or packaging in the market you will be overwhelmed.

There are so many choices and there is little or no clear guide that helps you to make an informed decision.

No more.

We will clear out all the details about the popular label materials in the market in a clear and simple way. So you can say No to the overwhelm and make an informed decision easily.

Matte White Paper

This is a popular and the most common label option you can find in the market.

If you have a great design and need lots of readable text to be displayed on the package or product, this is the best option you have and it is also comparatively the most inexpensive option as well.

Glossy White Paper

If you want to add that passive advertising and make your product or packaging look attractive, then go with Glossy White Paper labels.

Unlike Matt White paper labels, glossy white paper labels make the colors and designs more vivid and striking. These can be pricer than matte white paper labels.

White Film

If you need waterproof labels for your product or packaging, go for white film labels.

Not only water, but White Film labels are also mostly durable to many environmental and usage conditions like temperatures, scratches, etc.

Clear Film

Clear Films are transparent label materials that give you most of the advantages of white film and more.

If you want to showcase the surface of your product or packaging without covering it up with paper or other labels, then Clear film labels are your choice.

Silver Metallic Paper

If you wish to give your product or packaging a premium and sophisticated look and feel, then Silver Metallic Paper labels are your choice.

The high-end polished look on a silver metallic paper is not for everybody. You can get these in a matte or glossy finish.

Plus these labels are resistant to sun, water, oil and other common hazards.

Kraft Brown Paper

Kraft Brown paper stickers are the ideal choice for handmade, organic, and all-natural products and packaging. Kraft brown paper labels communicate the eco-friendly nature and recyclability.

They are 100% recycled and great for adding a natural, rustic look.

Removable Labels

Looking for labels that can easily be removed without all those ugly and messy residues?

Then go for removable labels.

You can get removable labels in both glossy or matte finishes.

Squeezable Film

If you are looking for labeling material for squeezable tubes and bottles, squeezable film labels should be your choice.

As the name suggests squeezable labels are flexible so there won’t be any wrinkling or peeling on squeezable containers.

Mainly used in the consumer product market.

These are some of the main label types you can find in the market and we hope this simple guide provides you enough information to make an educated decision to choose the right labeling material for your needs.

If you need any help with further information or a high-quality sticker and Label printer, we are here to help. 

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