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Stickers VS Labels – Everything You Need to Know

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It is common to use the terms stickers and labels interchangeably. But actually, there is a marked difference in stickers and labels.

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If you ever tried to shop for stickers or labels, you may have come across these two terms. 

Stickers and labels.

Are they the same ? 

Are there any differences ? 
Most customers use these terms interchangeably as they are the same.

But in this article we try to make everything clear. So you can make an informed choice.

What are Stickers ?

We all have seen stickers, right ?

Those on laptops, vehicles, on shop windows or those giant board stickers.

So basically,stickers are the tough paper-like pieces that are used for promotions or to communicate a message. 

Stickers usually come stacks and intend to last years.

What are Labels ? 

Labels are stickers like things that mainly use on product packaging, shipping boxes and envelopes, warehouse shelves and more.

Labels are mainly used as an identifier for products or packaging. 

Labels mainly come in two main formats –  sheets and rolls. 

Labels are usually made of either paper or film materials. They are cheaper to create and have a shorter life span. 

What are some Similarities ? 

Guess what ? 

Stickers and labels are both sticky. And they are generally printed using the same technologies and equipment. 

What are the differences ?

The major difference between stickers and labels is the purpose of use.

Stickers are used for versatile purposes mainly for promotional or marketing campaigns. . 

While labels are mainly used for communicating messages about the product or packaging.
Because of this difference of purpose, they are made using different materials.

Stickers are made using more durable and weatherproof materials like vinyl or film materials.

What you should Choose ?

What best suits your project ? 

Stickers or Labels ? 

To answer this question, first, you need to get clear about your purpose.

Do you plan to use these as promotional materials ? 

Or do you want to use them on your product or delivery packages ? 

So if you are looking for promotional purposes.

Go for stickers.

And if it is about product packaging purposes choose labels. 


As you can see it is common to use the terms stickers and labels interchangeably. But actually, there is a marked difference in stickers and labels in terms of purpose, durability, material, etc. 

We hope this article will help you to make the right choice and choose the best type based on your purpose. If you need any further guidance or help with printing your stickers or labels we are here to help you with any sticker and label printing needs. 


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