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The Benefits of Large Format Printing

In this fortnight’s blog, Industry professional, Avinash Rajah, a service engineer who installs large format printers for a living,

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Discusses the benefits for businesses that are thinking of using large format printing to market their products and services.

What is Large Format Print?

Large format print applications are extremely varied. If you’re familiar with office or home printers that reproduce A4 documents, then broadly speaking anything that is printed onto a media that is larger than A4, would be classified as “large format”.

Anytime you drive down the road, walk through a shopping mall, or any commercial building, you will undoubtedly come across multiple large format applications. The number of businesses or individuals who require large format print is endless and there are new markets opening up all the time.

Some examples include photographic reproduction, road signage, signage on buildings, vehicle signage, internal signage, real estate boards, indoor décor, textiles, and many more.

Who Uses Large Format Print?

Irrespective of the size of a business, there is a need for large format print. This could be a sign on your premises, an internal poster advertising pricing, and services, or even a campaign on local buses advertising a new product launch.

Large format printers vary in size, which is dependent on a number of factors. The size of the printable product (media) can be anything from 500mm wide to 3m wide. The size of the printer, then, will be the limiting factor as to what width of media can be printed.

The applications can also be limited to the size of the printer. For example, it is unlikely that a billboard will be printed using a printer that can only print up to 500mm wide. Likewise, you wouldn’t use a 3m wide printer to print bumper stickers.

Some large format printers can print directly to hard materials like wood or corflute, while others required the media to be on a roll like a self-adhesive vinyl or paper. Self-adhesive materials need to be installed on to a rigid surface, or they can be directly installed onto a vehicle, for example.

Large format sticker printer

The Benefits of Using Large Format Print.

The main benefit of using the large format is the visibility that is gained. Potential customers are able to identify your business or service easily from a distance, even from a moving vehicle.

A well-placed sign can drive traffic to your website or through your door. A well-designed sign is able to make you stand out and lend some legitimacy as to why a customer should use your services, instead of the competing business down the street.

Large Format print has the ability to brighten up a room or make any space interesting and appealing. It has the ability to inform an audience and to sell a product.

Is Large Format Printing suitable for all businesses?

Every business needs to include large format printing in their business’s marketing plan.

For smaller businesses, the budget could be used to produce an A-frame standing on the footpath outside the business pointing customers their way. For larger businesses, they could potentially fund a nationwide billboard campaign.

In both examples, large format printing aids in bringing the business closer to the potential customer. In today’s economy the importance of being “seen” is vital if a business doesn’t want to be lost in the white noise of social media and other digital formats.

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