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Custom Stickers Guide to 2024

2024 stickers guide
How to use custom promotional stickers to get more customers in 2024

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With all the challenges ahead 2024 has began.

Everyone is hopeful to make significant progress this year despite the economic challenges.

But most businesses are careful with the spending. They need new customers, more sales but hold back from spending on marketing and customer acquisition.

The traditional promotional methods like newspaper ads, TV ads, or billboards cost more. Even modern methods like social media and online promotional methods ask for significant time and financial investment.

However, promotional custom stickers are an almost forgotten or neglected promotional method that most businesses can use in 2024 to get more customers and put their name out there.

Why Custom Stickers 

Low-cost promotional method

One of the main benefits of custom stickers is the cost factor. You don’t need a humongous marketing budget to start a promotional campaign using stickers.

It is done right, using promotional stickers is the most cost-effective marketing method compared to all the other methods available.

Impressive reach

They say social media marketing is the kind of showing your message to a large number of potential customers.

Yes, but if you use simple bumper stickers you can get similar or greater exposure, of course at a fraction of the cost of social media marketing.

Think of custom stickers as a walking/ traveling mini-billboard without all the cost of a billboard.

Easy to Implement

You don’t have to hire a team, new vehicles, or a gigantic budget to use custom promotional stickers.

All you need is to figure out your message, a decent design, a reasonable budget, and a quality sticker printer.

Zero Maintenance 

Guess what?

If you use stickers for your promotional campaign you don’t have to endure a recurring maintenance cost.

When you hire a billboard or even hire a social media maintenance person you have to pay for ongoing maintenance or service costs.

How cool is that?

You put it once and these custom stickers will keep sending you new customers and sales.

That’s why we say promotional stickers are one of the underutilized marketing mediums for small businesses.

Types of Custom Stickers 

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are the most common sticker type used in a wide variety of applications. They are mainly made using PVC resins and plasticizers. So vinyl stickers are very resistant to water, sun, and general wear and tear.

If you are looking for stickers for outdoor applications, vinyl stickers should be your choice.

Paper Labels

If you are looking for a way to add an excellent and exceptional finish quality to packaged boxes and other products paper stickers or paper labels are your choice.

Bumper Stickers

Want to turn your vehicles into traveling mini billboards?

Then choose bumper stickers.

Bumper Stickers or as some call it vehicle stickers are a great way to get massive exposure to your product or service. They are a popular method used to market products or services.

And All Other Types 

The above are the main types of stickers used regularly. 

But there are many more – real estate stickers, wall stickers, window stickers, wedding stickers and more. 

Choose the types that match your purpose. 

What you should consider when choosing custom stickers ?  

Your Target Customer 

Before you think about what your promotional sticker cost or what marketing/ branding message you should use, think of your target customer.

Ask yourself…

Who is my ideal customer?

How do they find you ?

How can you make them see your stickers ? 

The Budget

You don’t need a humongous budget for custom stickers.

But ask these questions to make a better decision.  

What sticker types will work for your situation ? 

How much budget can you allocate to promotional sticker campaigns ? 

The Quality Printer 

You may think you can get your stickers printed by any printer you can find in your area.

You can. But can be sure about whether they will do it with quality ? 

Do they have the cutting edge technology to print high quality stickers of different types ? 

Choose a printer who has a successful track record and who has a good customer service. 


This guide gives you only the most essential information to make a decision regarding customer stickers. If you need more specific information about custom stickers or looking for a sticker printer we are here to help you

Boing Boing Stickers & Label company is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with cutting edge printing technology to print and distribute all kinds of stickers. 

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