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Do you make these mistakes with custom promotional stickers

Sticker mistakes
Custom promotional stickers are said to be the most cost effective and potent marketing tool.

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But do most businesses get the best  out of the  power of promotional stickers ? 

Time and time again we encounter so many businesses make some of the basic mistakes when using promotional stickers in their marketing campaigns. 

In this guide we go through 5 of the very common mistakes and show you why those are mistakes. And what to do about each of them. 



Choosing the Wrong Sticker Type 

You need to have the right tool for the right job. So if you choose the wrong sticker type for your job you get less desirable results.

This is one of the common mistakes most business owners make when it comes to promotional stickers. 

If you don’t have an idea of what the best stickers are for your particular promotional campaign, simply ASK…

Getting the expert recommendations is the fastest way to get it done right than the trial and error route.

So if you need any recommendation on what the best sticker type for your project send us a message and we are here to help you

Going for Lowest Price (thus low quality) 

Lowest price is not always the best in quality. So if you plan to cut corners and save a bit of the budget, be prepared to be disappointed with the end product quality. 

And be aware that bad quality marketing or promotional materials have far greater implications than you can imagine. A bad or low quality promotional materials leave a negative impression in your customers mind ( or wanna be customers)

Also if you go for cheap options, remember you are leaving out the full potential of the custom stickers. Because you have to restore basic sticker designs and shapes. 

So make sure you make a sizable investment rather than saving a small portion which actually can have disadvantage to your business in the long run. 

Wrong or no Marketing Message

This is one of the common mistakes most small businesses make when using promotional stickers.

They start talking about themselves – How long they have been in the business, or other superlatives like “the Best”, the most respected”.

But don’t talk enough of what their customers get or how to get in contact with them. 

Remember marketing is not about talking mainly about your business but talking about your customers and what you can give them. 

Using Promotional Stickers as Gift Items 

Have you ever seen promotional stickers about Home Builders pasted on teenagers’ laptops or books ? 

That’s what most promotional sticker campaigns end up.

No matter how creative or attractive your promotional stickers are if those are not getting to the target customers your promotional campaign is a failure.

To ensure the success of promotional sticker campaigns you need to put those or show those to your target customers. 

So don’t treat stickers as kids items or gift items to just freely give out. (even though that can help to a certain extent)

Make sure you get the best ROI out of your campaign by showing your marketing message to your ideal customers not everybody. 


So if you want to get best out of your promotional sticker campaign do not make these mistakes. It is common to see most businesses make one or more of these mistakes with their marketing campaigns. 

And if you like to make promotional stickers work for your business, we are here to help.

You can browse different sticker options we offer and of course if you have problems deciding which sticker type for your business contact us and we will help you. 

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