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How To Choose The Right Food Label For Your Brand ?

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Selecting the right food label can be challenging.This complicated process can be simplified if you know the absolute critical factors you should consider when choosing your food labels.

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Selecting the right food label can be quite challenging as there are numerous choices and many factors to consider when choosing the right label for your food brand.

But this complicated process can be simplified if you know the absolute critical factors you should consider when choosing your food labels.

So this guide aims to give you those critical factors you should consider when choosing your food labels.


What types of Food labels fit yours ?

There are mainly two types of food labels – tamper-evident labels and food security labels.

Which one fits your food brand?

Let’s find out.

Tamper-evident labels are best if you are looking for extra safety and security of your food packaging. The front face of these labels breaks apart when the label is removed. So it is not possible to reapply and give clear evidence of being tampered with.  Tamper-proof food labels are generally used in takeout,delivery and to-go items.

On the other hand food safety labels have permanent adhesive. And they are generally used to keep the boxes,bags and the food containers closed during delivery. They don’t have anything like tamper evident labels but the permanent adhesive lets you seal the packaging easily. Plus food safety labels let you have your branding inside them.


The different label materials and Adhesive 

What food label material best fits your purpose ?

If you are looking for handwritten food delivery labels…

Matte paper labels should be your choice. That way you can easily write all the food info and the delivery info. But make sure you use a marker or gel pen to write on matte paper labels.

However if you are looking for something lasting with added water and weatherproof features…

Then the film labels are your choice.

Film label stickers are best if you store your food packing in the refrigerator. Plus they add extra shine to your brand and logo.


The Size Of The Food Labels

The size of the food labels matters. Too large or too small will make it look bad on the packaging. Ultimately bad reputation on your food brand.

If you have large food packaging like pizza boxes vs small sized packaging like cookie bags you need the right size food labels.

In that case you need to discuss with your sticker and label printer to decide the right size for your packaging.


The Label Design

Finally, one of the most important elements of a food label – the label design.

You need to think of the branding aspect as well as all the details you need to include in the label.

Your logo, tagline,contact details and social media handles need to be considered when it comes to your branding aspects.

And you need clear instructions,a list of ingredients, an expiration date and other critical details the customer needs to know about your food item.

Generally speaking most food label designers have lots of ideas and can give you a few samples for you to choose from. Remember eye catchy is just one aspect of the design.


In conclusion it is easy to get lost in the sea of features label food label designers and printers offer and feel overwhelmed with the questions: “What is the best food label for my brand?”
So if you focus on the above 5 factors when shopping for your food labels you will find the process gets much easier.

In case you need an uncomplicated food label printer with lots of benefits simply contact us. We offer a wide range of food stickers at affordable prices and more….

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