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Stickers & Labels for Non-Profit and Charity Causes

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How to use inexpensive marketing methods like stickers and labels to market and drive awareness to charity projects.

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Non-profit and charity causes help underprivileged groups in the society with their needs. Those organizations and events try to solve the pressing needs of those who are in dire need of help and kindness. 

But most nonprofit projects get little or no attention or funds from the general public. This is mainly due to a lack of marketing. It is true most non-profit organizations lack funds to allocate for marketing. 

But they can use inexpensive marketing methods like stickers and labels to market and drive awareness to their charity projects. 


Use Stickers With Your Mission On Them

Non profit marketing is all about appealing to the personal values of people so they are compelled to contribute to your cause.

So how can you appeal to people’s values ? 

Using your non profit mission and who you have helped so far. 

What is the mission of your non profit project ? Is it to help underprivileged kids with their studies ? 

Help expecting mothers with nutritious food ? 

Simply figure out who is going to benefit from your project and in what ways you want to make a difference in their lives. 

That’s your mission. 

Include this mission as a statement in every marketing material you use. 

If you use customer stickers to promote and create a fuzz for this project, include your mission on them. 

Custom stickers are one of the most inexpensive but powerful promotional materials for con profit projects. 


Use Stickers With Qr Code To Drive Awareness

Getting the word of your charity project to a large number of people is challenging and expensive. 

But you can use stickers and labels with QR codes that direct them to your organization’s website or webpage. 

QR coded stickers or labels are easy to implement and anybody can simply use their phone to scan it and get to your website. 

You don’t need a million dollar marketing budget but a bit of creativity and a high quality sticker printer to take your message to millions of people. 


Banners To Get Public Awareness

You don’t have a million dollar marketing budget to get your message across. No TV ads, no billboards or huge internet marketing campaigns. 

But we have a solution for you.

Use custom banners to get noticed and put your message to the public. Banners are a great tool to have when you organize any public fundraising events. Even generally a well-placed banner will give your charity project good exposure and the right people to contact you. 

Reward The Contributors With Stickers And Labels 

You can use word to mouth marketing very successfully by rewarding the contributors or the philanthropists with memorable stickers. 

First the contributors and the philanthropists will feel appreciated for their contribution. And secondly their friends and family will get the message of your cause and they may be compelled to contribute next time. 

So this strategy is a win-win for all parties and you can achieve multiple goals with just a simple sticker or label.



As you can see your non profit project doesn’t have to suffer from a lack of exposure due to a lack of marketing budget. 

You can use your creativity and old school stickers and labels to spread the word and get the support and create the impact you envision. 

As a repeat sticker printer in Australia, we are dedicated to helping non-profit organizations with our sticker and label printing service.

Simply contact us with your requirements and we will print and deliver your stickers and labels within days.  

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