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The Varnish-Coated vs Laminate-Coated Labels – What’s Best for You ?

Varnish and laminate labels bottle
If you ever wonder what is the right choice for your label needs varnish-coated labels vs laminate-coated labels then this guide will help you to decide on that.

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When you shop for labels, label printers usually ask what label coating you want for your labels.

When we ask that question, we find that 90% of our customers either don’t know or are confused about the choice.

So we decided to clarify this matter once and for all.

If you ever wonder what is the right choice for your label needs then this guide will help you to decide on that.


Why Coating ?

Paper labels are great – inexpensive, easy to produce and look great when you first use them. But paper labels have a shorter lifespan. They are usually subjected to liquid damage and other environmental hazards easily.

So paper labels need an extra protective coating of either Varnish or Lamination to protect against moisture or general wear and tear.

Plus protective coating of varnish or laminate adds an extra gloss finish to the label giving it a rich and sophisticated look and feel.


Vanish-Coated Labels

The varnish protective coating seals the ink and the label from the common damages. The varnish coating is easy to apply and gives a relatively longer lifespan than just paper labels.  Based on your requirements you can get varnish coated labels in both gloss and matte finishes.

Compared to laminate, varnish coated labels are inexpensive to manufacture but the varnish coating wears off slowly and does not last long as a laminate coating.


Laminate-coated Labels

The laminate coating is the gold standard of label protective coating. In fact some experts in the industry consider laminate coating as the “ultimate protection”.

In the laminate coating process, a thin layer of polyester coating is applied to the label.

Therefore laminate labels are expensive but have a longer lifespan compared to the other labels.

Just like in varnish coated labels, laminate coated stickers come in two finishes – gloss and matte.

What is best for your labels ?

So the real question is what is the best for your labels.

If your product labels don’t need a larger lifespan and do not expose too much moisture and other environmental hazards…

Go for varnish labels.

They are comparatively cheap but look and feel the same as laminate labels.

If your products have a longer life span and need to look and feel the top of the shelf products

Go with laminate labels.

They will help you with your brand image of quality and won’t wear off the bright shine (or matte) finish you want it to have.

For short life span products (that have a short shelf life) paper labels are a great inexpensive alternative.


So we hope this simple guide will help you to make an informed decision on your sticker and label coating choice.

And if you need  high quality varnish, laminate coated labels or paper labels at relatively affordable rates simply contact us or check out our online store.

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